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Gunfire Reborn: How to Sell Weapons

Don’t be surprised, you can sell weapons in Gunfire Reborn.




Gunfire Reborn How to Sell Weapons

Most of you have already known about this game, Gunfire Reborn. But are you also familiar with the mechanics of the game?

In Gunfire Reborn, you can actually also sell weapons that you no longer use and want to get rid of. The game does not want and will not allow you to put the items that you have to waste. That is why selling weapons is a thing in this game.

However, in order to do that, you must also learn some skills. Even though the game does not want you to waste your weapons, they still won’t give an easy pass.

That being said, this guide will help you learn how you can sell weapons in Gunfire Reborn.

How to Sell Weapons in Gunfire Reborn

How to Sell Weapons in Gunfire Reborn

We know that Gunfire Reborn is a first-person shooting game. However, skills, talents, and other attributes are also included in the mechanics of the game.

Speaking of skills, you need to upgrade your talent tree in order to sell your weapons or scrolls.

In this context, what you have to do is to get the Golden Touch skill. You can see this in the last part of the Expedition column of your talent tree. To get these, you will be needing 360 Soul Essence.

360 Soul Essence

Soul Essence is the token or the point used to unlock and upgrade talents. You can get soul essence by defeating enemies during battles.

Even though the Golden Touch only requires 360 Soul Essence, you still have to grind these points because you have to unlock first the talents prior to the Golden Touch.

However, there is an important note that you must know when it comes to selling weapons. You can only sell weapons and scrolls that have a copper circling effect in multiplayer.

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