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Gunfire Reborn: How to Get to Stage 4

Don’t miss out on the adventure. Get to the final act!




Gunfire Reborn How to Get to Stage 4

Gunfire Reborn is a fun and exciting first-person shooter game. Aside from the gunfights, you are also entering their adventurous world.

To continue with the progress of the game, you have to finish each act in order to move on to the next. Currently, there are four playable acts in the game. Before you successfully surpass each act, you have to face the boss of the act.

In this guide, we will let you know how you can get to the fourth and last act of the game.

How to Get to Stage 4 in Gunfire Reborn

How to Get to Stage 4 in Gunfire Reborn

The fourth act in Gunfire Reborn is Hyperborean Jokul. It is located in the snowy mountainside.

However, in order to get into this act, you have to surpass the third act first, Duo Fjord, in order to proceed. Plus, you should also finish off Yoruhime-Maru at least once.

How to Defeat Yoruhime-Maru

How to Defeat Yoruhime Maru

Yoruhime-Maru is one of the bosses that you will encounter in the third act. It is a battleship made up of the remains of turreted ships from long ago. Even though this ship has already surpassed generations, it is still as tough because of the alchemy power.

To defeat this boss enemy, you have to complete two phases. The first phase with being the first battle, and when the enemy went down to low health, phase 2 will begin.

Phase 1

As you start with the battle, you will have to deal with its cannon on the side of the ship. To make it easier for you, aim for the inside of the cannons as it is their weak spot.

When you have already destroyed four of its cannon, Yoruhime-Maru will deploy a water shield, making it vulnerable.

Yoruhime Maru

Once the shield is on, all of its remaining cannons will stop firing. Instead, the Elysian Artillery will strike the player. Plus, Launcher Octopus will appear randomly from either side of the ship. These octopuses will carry cannon shells that will drop upon their death.

Once you have collected the cannon shells, use them for the cannon in the middle of the arena and use them to fire at the ship. These shots will break the shield and will trigger the battleship to go back to using its cannon.

If you have also dealt with the 50% of the ship’s HP, Yoruhime-Maru will once again deploy its water shield. Plus, the Jellyfish and Catfish Warriors will also appear to fight you. Use again the cannon shells to break the shield and reveal the main cannon in the shape of a Tengu Mask.

Phase Two

The secret in finishing this phase is to shoot the enemy in the eyes of the mask. Those are its weak spots.

If you have already taken 75% of its HP, the battleship will deploy its water shield for the last time. While the shield is one, the main cannon will stop firing. However, the Elysian Artillery is going to fire in many places at once.

When you have destroyed the shield, the artillery will continue on attacking together with the main cannon. Keep on shooting the main cannon and it will cause the whole ship to explode and sink.

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