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GTA Online: How to Customize Taxi

Reach this tier in the Arena War to customize your Taxi.

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GTA Online How to Customize Taxi

GTA Online recently had a weekly update, and along with it is one of the highly anticipated Downtown Cab. Co Taxi missions.

Doing these missions can reward you with Taxi variants, like the new Taxi custom, and we will show you how to obtain it.

How to Customize the Taxi in GTA Online

How to Customize the Taxi in GTA Online

Source: Rufer

If you want a more stylish can instead of the default blue and yellow cab in GTA Online, you should obtain the Taxi Custom. It is a variant of the default Taxi that can be further customized from paint jobs to wheels and many more.

How to Customize the Taxi in GTA Online 1

Source: Rufer

The only way to unlock this elegant look of the Taxi is to complete ten or more Taxi rides in a row or participate in the Arena War activities.

As many players are doing the event in the Maze Bank Arena, you will have no waiting time to start the activities.

This method will take some time to complete, though, as you have to win all of the activities if you want to get the Taxi Custom as fast as possible.

Completing ten or more taxi rides in a row or doing the challenges will give you AP. To obtain the Taxi Custom, you must reach the 25th Sponsorship tier in Arena War

To do this, you will need a huge amount of AP.

How to Customize the Taxi in GTA Online 2

Source: Rufer

Another way to obtain AP is by going to the spectator’s lounge and using the spin-to-win wheel. Once you reach the 25th Sponsorship tier, call Pegasus on your phone, then spawn the Taxi Custom.

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