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GTA 5 Online: How to Unlock the New Railgun, Candy Cane, and WM 29 Pistol

The latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online features new guns to wreak havoc with.




GTA 5 Online How to Unlock the New Railgun Candy Cane and WM 29 Pistol

Grand Theft Auto V is Rockstar’s golden goose. Close to 10 years after its latest release, it is still racking in millions. In fact, Grand Theft Auto V is the most profitable piece of media of all time, with nothing coming close.

Even with Grand Theft Auto VI leaks and teases, people still can’t get enough of the fifth entry in the series–at least the online portion.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a living, breathing entity that grows more extensive each year, with 2022 being no exception. The newest expansion to Rockstar’s online universe is the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

This update comes with new guns, including the new Railgun, the Candy Cane, and the WM 29 Pistol. 

For those looking to get the most out of the latest update of Grand Theft Auto Online, here is a quick guide showing you how to obtain all of the new weapons for yourself!

Find the Traveling Gunvan to Unlock the New Rail Gun

Find the Traveling Gunvan to Unlock the New Rail Gun
Source: MrBossFTW

Rather than finding a gun the traditional way, like from Ammu-Nation, players will have to find a traveling gun van to unlock the new Rail Gun. This was done to ensure that new players don’t find the best possible weapons as soon as they start playing.

It is still being determined whether these vans will be visible from the map when you are at a great distance. Instead, you’ll have to be relatively close to the van for it to appear on your map.

However, those who find the new Rail Gun will notice that it has been considerably nerfed. No longer will it be a one-shot if you are wearing armor. However, it will still one-shot you if you don’t have armor.

Auto-aim has also been disabled from the new Rail Gun, as Rockstar is trying to keep it as balanced as possible.

Unlocking the WM 29 Pistol

Unlocking the WM 29 Pistol
Source: MrBossFTW

To unlock the WM 29 Pistol, you will have to find a set piece in the middle of a Rockford Hills city on top of a large skyscraper that mimics a scene from Die Hard.

To get the gun, you must infiltrate the attack and take out all the people on the roof. After you have taken them all out, you will find the WM 29 Pistol.

Once you have unlocked it, the WM 29 Pistol will be available at Ammu-Nation.

Unlocking the Candy Cane

Unlocking the Candy Cane
Source: MrBossFTW

Unlocking the Candy Cane is considerably easier than unlocking the two other new weapons as it is given to you for free during the Festive Surprise period and will most likely be available at Ammu-Nation afterward.

However, it is still being determined if that is the case, so if you want the Candy Cane, be sure to grab it during the holiday event.

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