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Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Clayface’s Secret Side Quest

Literally the most dirty opponent




One of the greatest impersonators of the DC universe drops in the form of Clayface for Gotham Knights. To face off against the mud giant you will need to complete a series of tasks that gets you a secret side quest hidden in the game.

In this guide, I will teach you how to unlock it.

Requirements to Start Clayface’s Hidden Side Quest

You can start doing the steps necessary to unlock the quest right after you complete the main Case 02. Your first step will be to travel to the West End of New Gotham and scan for random crimes in the city.

If you do this, you will come across random crime encounters where the problem will be a Clay Mimic, creatures that appear human but are not. You will need to defeat five of these to study the clay sample you automatically get upon defeating one mimic.

Return to Union Station Belfry

Make your way to Beltry to study the substance. There is no much to this step besides getting there and  interacting with the main computer to unlock a cutscene and the Clayface Case File Entry.

And with that, we are done here but do not think that is all you need to do before you face Clayface. The Case File will give you a series of other missions to complete that you can launch from the Case File Menu, at which point you do not need a guide since the launch will put you to where you need to be.

Just keep on completing each mission related to its case file, and eventually, you will come off to face with the mud giant himself. Good luck!

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