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Gloria Victis: How to Gather Resources

Learn and master the Frost Elementalist’s skills!




Gloria Victis How to Gather Resources

Resources are incredibly important in the game as not only do they allow you to craft items but they also can be sold for money. You can find resources just about anywhere in the game, from forests and castles to lakes and much more.

To gather resources, you’ll need the right tool, such as an axe to chop wood or a pickaxe to mine.

There are three categories of resources: crops, ores, and wood. We’ll go over how to gather each of them in this guide.



Source: For The Boyz

You can gather crops from farms, and you can even grow your own. Beehives also provide you with honey and beeswax as an additional source of crops.

When creating a farm, it is essential to have good-quality soil. You can find lower-quality soil in non-loot zones close to the capital and top-quality soil in more dangerous areas.

All you need to do to gather crops is to harvest fully grown ones from your own farm.



Source: For The Boyz

Minerals and ores are resources that you can obtain from mines. The higher your Mining Character Development skill is, the better resources you can get from mining.

Like farms, you’ll find more common ores and minerals near the capital and rarer minerals in more dangerous areas of the map.

You can also upgrade mines to increase the number of ores you can gather and the variety of nodes you can find.

To start gathering ores, all you need to do is get yourself a pickaxe.



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Lumber mills allow you to collect and process wood. There are five types of wood you can gather, with each tier being harder to find and will require a better axe.

To gather wood, simply equip an axe and start chopping trees. However, do take note that higher-tier wood will require better-quality axes.

You can use wood to craft weapons and armor and even improve structures. It can also be used to fuel furnaces and campfires.

As you can see, resource gathering in Gloria Victis is essentially similar to games of this genre. You can then use these resources for crafting or sell them for extra profits!

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