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Gloria Victis: How to Farm | Farming Guide

Learn how to farm crops and harvest them!




Gloria Victis How to Farm Farming Guide

Farming is a great way to accumulate resources in the game. These resources can be used as sustenance for your character or sold to merchants or other players for money.

In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of farming in Gloria Victis and how you can start farming.

Obtaining Seeds

Obtaining Seeds

Source: For The Boyz

It’s worth noting that you can create farms on any piece of land that is flat. However, soil quality can range greatly, with higher quality soil producing more yield.

The soil quality ranges from 50% to 100%. Just keep in mind that soil quality near the capital is poorer and while the ones in loot zones is higher.

To start farming, you will have to purchase seeds from food and herb merchants. You can also find herb seed in the wild.

Meanwhile, plant seeds can be yielded from a farm each time you harvest a crop.

Planting, Watering, Weeding, and Fertilizing Crops

Planting Watering Weeding and Fertilizing Crops

Source: For The Boyz

Farming is categorized into four different mechanics which are as follows:

  • Planting – To plant seeds, select a seed and plant it where there is a white outline. A red outline means you can’t plant there.
  • Watering – Be sure to water your crops within 1 minute of planting them or they will disappear.
  • Weeding – Plants can sprout weeds after planting. It’s important that you weed your plants. This will grant Forestry and Farming experience, and you can also gather worms, grubs, and other fishing baits.
  • Fertilize – Plants can also be fertilized, which will speed up their growth process significantly. You can obtain fertilizer from the decay of perishable items.

The majority of crops in the game will mature in less than a half an hour.

Harvesting Mature Crops

Harvesting Mature Crops

Source: For The Boyz

After your crops mature, you can harvest them using a scythe. All crops will become perishable after harvesting, so it is important to process them quickly.

You can also combine fresher items with items that are about to expire in your inventory to extend the expiration rates.

Once you nail down the basics of farming in the game, you’ll then be able to gain more profits this way.

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