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Ghost Song: How to Open Secret Passage | Mutt NPC Quest

Squashing bugs with Mutt!

Nicole Barelli



ghost song how to open secret passage mutt npc quest

The desolate moon of Lorian in Old Moon’s Ghost Song is sometimes not so lonely when you find other NPCs. And as with any Metroidvania, those NPCs offer side quests to complement the player’s enjoyment of the fictional world. One of those side quests involves opening a secret passage. Do you know where it is and how to open it? Not sure? Well, that’s what this guide is here for!

How to Open Secret Passage for the Mutt NPC Quest – Ghost Song

The aforementioned secret passage can be found deep within the tunnels of Roslock Drift Alpha. If you come across a yellow, rocky door, you’ll notice that you can shoot it, and it even has a life bar. But no matter what, you cannot break it.

What to do, then?

Also in Roslock Drift Alpha, in the tunnels above the secret passage, you can meet an NPC called Mutt.

ghost song how to open secret passage mutt npc quest2
Source: Furo

Interact with him and exhaust his dialogue options. As you’ll learn, Mutt is a retired explorer who’s trying to communicate with the bugs of Lorian in an odd way.

After this first encounter, you’ll have to meet him at another location. This would be near the crash site in Stoffbloom.

ghost song how to open secret passage mutt npc quest3
Source: Furo

Exhaust his dialogues once more. In the end, he will tell you to find him in the tunnels. Yes, that’s the tunnels in Roslock Drift Alpha and guess what? The secret passage will be open!

Mutt will be just inside this new tunnel.

ghost song how to open secret passage mutt npc quest4
Source: Furo

Talk to him and be ready to fight some nasty, giant bugs! Mutt will be your ally here, and you don’t need to worry about friendly damage.

After the battle, you’ll gain the item Frenzied Shell. At the end of the tunnel, you should also collect Heart of Fire. Finally, speak to Mutt to finish the quest line!

What a fun quest! I hope this guide helped you. Big thanks for Furo’s excellent walkthrough. If you need further guidance, please check this video: How to OPEN the SECRET Passage (Mutt NPC Quest) ? GHOST SONG Gameplay – PC/Console – No Commentary

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