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Ghost Song: How to Complete “CHARLEY” Achievement

Where are you, Charley?

Nicole Barelli



ghost song how to complete charley achievement

The desolate moon of Lorian has many adventures waiting for players in Old Moon’s Ghost Song. Besides the normal challenges required to conclude the story, the game also has a bunch of achievements that the most dedicated players can unlock. One of them is the CHARLEY Achievement. Do you know how to unlock it?

How to Complete the “CHARLEY” Achievement in Ghost Song

This a secret achievement and its official description is, “Find Charley.” Simple enough, right? Right! But you may pass the area where you unlock the achievement without noticing there’s an optional way to follow.

You’re in Ekman’s Crossing. To reach your goal, you’ll need to do some acrobatics that can only be performed when you have either 4 mid-air jumps and dashes, or a Module that grants you 3 jumps and dashes and the Hulking Fist Aerial Attack.

While on this map, you’ll come across an obvious continuation of the path you had been following. But you’ll want to go up.

ghost song how to complete charley achievement2

Climb the hill with a mixture of jumps, dashes, and wall climbing. Then, climb yet another hill. Keep heading right and climbing until you find a crooked, naked tree that seems to form a “V” shape.

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ghost song how to complete charley achievement3

After you climb the next rocky hill, you’ll see the normal path extending to the right. What you might miss, however, is that there’s an optional path in the far upper corner.

ghost song how to complete charley achievement4

The figure above shows the place you’ll land after the tree. Instead of continuing right, use a combination of the skills mentioned at the beginning of this guide (jumps and dashes), so you can reach a hidden terrain.

Continue right and climb to another platform. However, instead of proceeding on this path, turn around and use your jumps and dashes to climb through an opening (that you couldn’t see while on the ground).

ghost song how to complete charley achievement5

Follow the path until you come across a bulky blue robot surrounded by purple flowers. That’s Charley! Approach the robot to listen to the dialogue, and the achievement will be yours!

I hope this helped! A huge thank you to The Collector’s Hubs for recording this guide. In case of doubts, please check out the video: How to Complete “CHARLEY” Achievement in GHOST SONG /How to find Different Ending [NO COMMENTARY

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