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Ghost Song: HeatHawk Location In Lupoto

Play safer!

Nicole Barelli



ghost song heathawk location in lupoto

Winding caverns are the main set-up for Old Moon’s challenging new Metroidvania, Ghost Song, released on November 3rd, 2022. Suit Modules are one of the ways players can use to improve their status. But first, you must find them! Here’s the location of the HeatHawk module!

HeatHawk Location In Lupoto – Ghost Song

Suit Modules provide passive effects to your Deadsuit. One of those modules, HeatHawk, reduces build-up on your main weapon, the Blaster.

This allows players to shoot for longer. It’s a good skill for players wanting to play safer since this module allows you to keep your distance.

The trade-off here is that it’s harder to get the bonus damage on melee attacks from your overheated barrel. But since it’s all trial and error, you’re free to activate and deactivate modules as you please!

Now, for the important part: how to find HeatHawk?

ghost song heathawk location in lupoto2
Source: frankcubed from YouTube
ghost song heathawk location in lupoto3
Source: frankcubed from YouTube

You’re in the region of Lupoto, near the room to the right of “Fome – The Green Blob”. From the start point—check the images above for the precise location—, climb the hill and head right.

There will be a couple of enemies in your path, so be careful with the green bobbles. As soon as you get rid of them, find the glowing object lying on the ground and pick it up.

ghost song heathawk location in lupoto4
Source: frankcubed from YouTube
ghost song heathawk location in lupoto5
Source: frankcubed from YouTube

That’s HeatHawk! Enjoy your new Suit Module!

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