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Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Desert of Hadramaveth Shrine of Depth Location Guide

Unlock all Shrine of Depths to gain Primogems!




Genshin Impact Where to Find All Desert of Hadramaveth Shrine of Depth Location Guide

In Genshin Impact 3.4, you can find a total of 3 Shrine of Depths in the Desert of Hadramaveth.

Opening the Shrines of Depths is a great way to get the best weapons, artifacts, and materials to level up your Genshin Impact characters. They can also give you a lot of Adventure Rank Experience and Primogems that you can use however you want.

To open a Shrine of Depth in Sumeru, you need to have a Shrine of Depths Keys. One Shrine of Depth Key is needed to unlock One Shrine of Depth.

This guide shows you where all the Sumeru Shrine of Depths are in the Hadramaveth area.

Shrine of Depth 1

Shrine of Depth 1

Source: Game Guides Channel

The first Shrine of Depth is north of Khaj Nisut. You can start at the east waypoint and glide straight to the shrine.

Shrine of Depth 2

Shrine of Depth 2

Source: Game Guides Channel

The second Shrine of Depth is at the top of a rock fin on the north side of The Sands of Three Canals.

Shrine of Depth 3

Shrine of Depth 3

Source: Game Guides Channel

The third Shrine of Depth is in the Wounded Shin Valley, on the western edge of the Desert of Hadramaveth.

That’s all the locations of the Shrine of Depths in Sumeru’s Desert of Hadramaveth. We hope this guide gave you all the information you need!

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