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Genshin Impact: Mysterious Clipboard 14 Solution

Solve the Mysterious Clipboard 14 to unlock the photo in your Aranyaka Journal!




Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard 14 Solution

Since the desert region of Sumeru was added, Genshin Impact now has new World Quests for travelers to unlock.

There are two different ways to unlock them. One is to talk to an NPC with a blue exclamation point marked on the map, and the other is to do specific actions to trigger a World Quest.

The Mysterious Clipboard Quests fall in the second type where players interact with a mailbox in Vanarana and get a photo to start the World Quest.

This guide will focus on unlocking the Mysterious Clipboard 14 and where you can find it in the game.

Mysterious Clipboard 14 Location

Mysterious Clipboard 14 Location

Source: Game Guides Channel

To start, you have to go back to the place where you first got Liloupar. The chest will be near that spot.

Teleport to a waypoint in Safhe Shatranj and follow the Four Leaf Sigils to the underground area through a triangle gate door. Here, you will find a Primal Construct in front of it.

Enter the northwest gate to go deeper underground. Go to the big tree near the trash and bush. The Dig option will be near the tree’s root.

If you successfully followed the steps above, the #14 Clipboard in your Aranyaka Journal should have a check sign.

Congratulations! You now unlocked and solved the Mysterious Clipboard 14. We hope this guide made this quest easier for you.

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