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Genshin Impact: How to Play Yaoyao | Artifacts, Weapons, and Team Comp Guide

Learn all about the new Dendro Healer.

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Genshin Impact How to Play Yaoyao Artifacts Weapons and Team Comp Guide

Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact just went live recently. With it are new and returning characters as well as events that can give you more Primogems.

One of the new characters featured is the Dendro Healer Yaoyao, and we will show you how to play her.

Burgeoning Grace Yaoyao

Burgeoning Grace Yaoyao

Source: SevyPlays

Yaoyao is a 4-star Dendro character that uses a Polearm and is the first Dendro Healer.

Her addition will bring more versatility to Dendro team comps. Her Elemental Skill is called Raphanus Sky Claster where she calls a special device called Yuegui.

Tapping it will throw Yuegui in front while holding it will allow you to aim where Yuegui will land.

Burgeoning Grace Yaoyao 1

Source: SevyPlays

When Yuegui is on the field, it will throw radishes at an enemy or an ally. Additionally, the radishes it throws will explode on contact, making it have small splash damage.

You can get closer to an enemy to get healed by the radishes while dealing damage.

However, its targeting varies. If you or your allies have 70% or less HP, Yuegui will throw the radishes at you to heal you and your teammates.

Burgeoning Grace Yaoyao 2

Source: SevyPlays

However, if you have 70% or more HP, Yuegui will throw it at the enemies dealing Dendro damage. If there are no enemies and your on-field character has 100% HP, then Yuegui will throw it randomly.

In case the radish does not hit a character or an enemy, it will stay on the ground and explode upon contact or after its duration expires.

The healing of the radish scales on Yaoyao’s Max HP and is considered a skill damage.

Burgeoning Grace Yaoyao 3

Source: SevyPlays

Her A4 passive complements the radishes. When a radish explodes, the on-field character within the AoE will regain HP every 1s based on 0.8 % of Yaoyao’s Max HP for 5s.

Her Elemental Burst is Moonjade Descent which will make Yaoyao go into the Adeptal Legacy state. In this state, regardless of whether you are in the AoE of the radish or not, you will still get healed.

Also, the healing is now applied to all of the party members. Additionally, she summons three more Yuegui to give you more healing and damage. Yaoyao also gains additional movement speed and Dendro resistance.

Her A1 passive will make Yaoyao throw radishes at nearby opponents while sprinting, jumping, or running.

This costs 80 energy, and as a support, all of the energy will go to the main damage dealer. This means you will build Yaoyao with a lot of Energy Recharge.

But it will still depend on the scenario. You can use Yaoyao’s skill first, then use her burst for emergency healing.

If you want to use Yaoyao as the main, prioritize leveling up her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst without paying attention to her normal skill.



Yaoyao is already excellent at C0, but if you want her cons, you can prioritize getting C2. Her C2 allows her to regenerate energy in her burst when a radish explodes. However, if you want to put her on a Dendro team, you can get C1.

C1 gives characters a 15% Dendro Dmg Bonus for 8s when a radish explodes while a character is within its AoE.


Artifacts 1

For Yaoyao’s Artifacts, it will depend on her role on your team. If you decide to use her as a Healer and Dendro Applicator, these should be her Sands, Goblet, and Circlet.

  • Sands – HP or Energy Recharge
  • Goblet – HP
  • Circlet – Healing Bonus or HP

The substats should also have Energy Recharge and HP.

If you want to make her a Bloom Trigger, use these:

  • Sands – Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, or HP
  • Goblet – Elemental Mastery or HP
  • Circlet – Elemental Mastery, Healing Bonus or HP

The substats should have Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, and HP.

You can do this if you decide to make her your main DPS.

  • Sands – Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge or ATK
  • Goblet – Dendro DMG
  • Circlet – Crit Rate or Crit DMG

The optimal Energy Recharge for Yaoyao is 180% and above.

The recommended Artifact Set is a 4pc Deepwood Memories. To be a pure healer, you can use the 4pc Tenacity of Millelith.



For Yaoyao’s Weapon, the best weapon for a healer is either the 4-star Favonius Lance or the 3-star Black Tassel. Favonius Lance if you require more Energy Recharge and the Black Tassel for more HP.

However, if you have an additional 5-star Energy Recharge weapon like the Skyward Spine, you can let Yaoyao use it.

If you want to make her a damage dealer, you can use the 4-star Kitain Cross Spear or the 4-star Moonpiercer.

Team Comp

Team Comp

There are 3 different Team Comp which are as follows:


  • Keqing (Main DPS)
  • Fischl (Sub DPS)
  • Yaoyao (Healer/Dendro Applicator)
  • Kazuha or Sucrose(Resistance Shred)

Nilou Bloom team

  • Nilou (Main DPS)
  • Xinqiu (Sub DPS)
  • Dendro Traveler (Sub DPS)
  • Yaoyao (Healer)


  • Yaoyao (Dendro applicator)
  • Yelan or Xinqiu (Hydro Applicator)
  • Raiden or Fischl (Electro Applicator)
  • Kazuha, Sucrose, or Zhongli (Resistance Shred)

Of these team comps, the Bloom team and Aggravate are the best. You can change Nilou for another Hydro character if you do not have her.

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