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Genshin Impact: How to Play Alhaitham | Weapon and Artifact Build Guide

Learn how you can play Alhaitham and what his best build is.

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Genshin Impact How to Play Alhaitham Weapon and Artifact Build Guide

Genshin Impact is one of the most-played Gacha Games in the RPG genre. It has had a large dedicated player base since its release and is continuing to grow every year.

The game pits players into a vast fantasy world with a lot of things to do.

The reason why this game preserves its relevance is its periodical updates that add characters, rotate banners, and areas for players to explore.

The new character that players are raving about is Alhaitham, a Dendro DPS character. This guide will help you to build this character correctly.

Alhaitham Weapon Guide

Alhaitham Weapon Guide

The general rule for Alhaitham is that he should be given weapons with EM, ER, or Crit substats instead of ones with attack substats.

F2P Options: Iron Sting, Takabo Shigure, Festering Desire

The Iron Sting and Takabo Shigure are your best choices for F2P players. The two weapons are similar but the Takabo Shigure is better in terms of single targets because of its single-target passive stat.

As for the Iron Sting, it will cost a bit but it is more available than the Shigure.

The Festering Desire is also a viable alternative if Alhaitham has a high ER requirement in his team, and its skill crit rate and damage buff can improve his mirror damage.

Non-F2P: Xiphos’ Moonlight, The Black Sword, Light of Foliar Incision

Non F2P Xiphos Moonlight The Black Sword Light of Foliar Incision

The Xiphos’ Moonlight has similar main stats to the Iron Sting, but the difference between them is the passive ER it gives based on his EM. The Black Sword is a bit similar to its F2P counterparts but it gives Alhaitham self-regeneration for his HP.

For the 5-star weapons, the Light of Foliar Incision is the best weapon. It has a very high crit damage stat and its passive converts EM into additional damage.

Artifact Build Guide

Set 1: Four-piece Deepwood set

Set 1 Four piece Deepwood set

Source: SevyPlays

This four-piece set is highly recommended because of its Dendro damage bonus and valuable resistance shred. Use this setting if you are the only player in your party with this set as its effects will not stack.

Set 2: Four-Piece Gilded Dreams

Set 2 Four Piece Gilded Dreams

Source: SevyPlays

This set is also viable as this will allow him to reach his highest damage ceiling due to its em and attack buffing effect. Use this set if there is already someone on your part using the four-piece Deepwood set.

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