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Genshin Impact: How to Complete Mesmeric Marine Maiden in Akitsu Kimodameshi

Complete the quest before time runs out!




Genshin Impact How to Complete Mesmeric Marine Maiden in Akitsu Kimodameshi 1

Genshin Impact has released a new time-limited event quest in the game called Akitsu Kimodameshi. This event quest will run from December 15, 2022, until January 2, 2022.

Akitsu Kimodameshi is a brick breaker type of game that you are already probably familiar with due to the previous game event quests too.

To finish this, you have to complete missions by breaking the colored bricks using a bouncing ball that can change its element by hitting an element bar.

However, for you to start this event, you have to take on the Test of Courage and go to Chinju Forest.

One of the levels that you have to finish to complete this is the Mesmeric Marine Maiden. That being said, we made this article to show you how it should be done.

How to Complete Mesmeric Marine Maiden in Akitsu Kimodameshi

How to Complete Mesmeric Marine Maiden in Akitsu Kimodameshi 1

Source: GosuNoob

To monitor and look for the rewards available for this task, go to Menu > Akitsu Kimodameshi > Shatterdark. There, you will see all the objectives that you have to get the rewards for this particular task.

How to Complete Mesmeric Marine Maiden in Akitsu Kimodameshi 2

Source: GosuNoob

On the edge of Chinju Forest, you will see this gigantic, blue, mirror-looking structure. Approach and interact to access the Shatterdark.



Source: GosuNoob

In here, you will see all the tasks that you can do here, including Gibbering Grumbler and Deranged Decrepit Duelist. But we want to focus on Mesmeric Marine Maiden.

While you are still on this window, you will have a preview of how it will look inside. This will also inform you that you only have 10 minutes and 10 balls to finish this.

If you are already ready to take on this challenge, click Start.

Preparation 1

Source: GosuNoob

However, before you completely enter the game, you will be asked first to pick four characters and three modifiers. You will have to decide who and what to pick here based on the elements of the bricks that you have seen in the previous window.

For this stage, the recommended characters should be cryo, hydro, pyro, and electro. So, it is all up to you on which characters you want to pick as long as their element types are well-suited for this.

Aside from that, the suggested modifiers that you can pick here are Replicating Collider, Shatter-prise!, and Concomitant Impact.


In battle 1

Once you finally enter the game, you will see this wood stand near the stairs. Interact with it and pick Start Akitsu Yuugei.

After the 3 seconds countdown, the timer will immediately start. So you have to fire the ball and make sure to hit the bricks multiple times to break these, and easily destroy your real target.

In battle 2

However, you should be alert as your enemy can easily rearrange and manipulate the brick formations and element types once you have started damaging the boss brick. Since the bricks are still the same type, you can still keep using Eula.

Make sure to always catch power-ups to gain some advantage.

In battle 3

For the second layout change, the bricks will be surrounding the boss bricks. And take note that as you move, the surrounding bricks will also rotate.

The third change will involve several moving brick towers that can change the trajectory of the balls. All you have to do is keep catching the ball to keep it moving and maintain hitting the bricks even if it changes how many times.

In battle 4

When you have already defeated the boss bricks, you will return to Chinju Forest. Access the menu again and go to the Shatterdark tab, navigate to Mesmeric Marine Maiden, and claim all your rewards.

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