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Generation Zero: How to Destroy Firebirds Effectively

Besides the Seeker, Firebird is the only machine capable of flight

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Generation Zero How to Destroy Firebirds Effectively

Generation Zero takes you through an 80’s theme thriller story as teenagers take on a mechanical apocalypse. This game is not just your average PvE shooter, you have to identify the enemy robot’s weak points and attack accordingly, introducing a fun yet skilled mechanic in approaching combat.

Just recently, the game introduced Firebirds. These creatures are a flying menace, they can deal a lot of damage if just left to their own devices. Luckily, they can be dealt with with the right wits and strategy.

This guide will show you how to swiftly take care of these firebirds so that the next time you encounter one, you will know the right strategist immediately to take it down. Let’s dive in.

How to Destroy Firebirds Effectively

Before we dive into taking down the Firebird swiftly, there are a few things you need to know such as blueprint locations and components that will be useful in taking down the Firebird.

Firebird Blueprint Location

There are 3 locations you can find the Firebird Location. I’m going to reveal each of them with their location on the map.

1. Hidden Pheonix Outpost

The blueprint can be found in “The Death from Above Mission”.

1. Hidden Pheonix Outpost
Image source: Tenebrisinfinite

2. Second Soviet Beacon

You can find the blueprint near a burning barrel beside a dead body in Hagaboda. It’s quite easy to find once you use the barrel as your location point.

2. Second Soviet Beacon.
Image source: Tenebrisinfinite

3. Hagaboda East Gate

Also in Hagaboda, you can find it at the eastern gate.

3. Hagaboda East Gate
Image source: Tenebrisinfinite

Firebird Components

Players can’t effectively take down the Firebird without adequately knowing the components. Each component serves a different purpose for the machine, so knowing what each of them does means you know which component to target to kill it swiftly.

Firebird Components
Image source: Tenebrisinfinite

Firebirds are four armored machines in an X-pattern connected to their eye and fuel cells. Its damage is nothing to scoff at.

The scout has a flak cannon and incendiary autocannon that has a high rate of fire and the Spetsnaz has an explosive autocannon that is slow but deals heavy damage.

Firebird Weakness & Strategy

Unlike other machines, you don’t go for the weapons for the Firebird. The Firebird’s weakness it too aims for its Fuel cells and for the Eye.

Firebird Weakness Strategy

The tricky part is that you have to hit those while it’s floating in the air. Make sure to hit it when it’s going through a predictable flight path.

Just remember to don’t go for thrusters and weapons. They are not the best component to go for if you want to do it quickly and it doesn’t deal effective damage compared to going for the fuel cells and the eye.

Once you have effectively implemented these tactics, you will definitely be able to quickly take down the firebird in your next gameplay.

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