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Fraymakers: How to Play | Beginner’s Guide

Learn everything that you need to know as a beginner to dominate your opponents.




Fraymakers How to Play Beginners Guide

Fraymakers is a newly released Super Smash Bros clone starring a bunch of characters from other indie games.

Like Smash Bros, the primary objective is to inflict enough damage on your opponent before you can knock them off of the stage.

However, the cast of characters, the inclusion of an assist, and the highly polished pixel art visuals help set Fraymakers apart.

If you are just getting started with Fraymakers, here are some quick tips to help give you a competitive edge.

Learn Basic Attacks

Learn Basic Attacks

Source: WaterStarGaming

Fraymakers have a lot of the same mechanics and control inputs as Super Smash Bros. You have two basic attacks which are altered once you input the attack with a direction.

There is also a grab, a dash, double jumps, and all of the other staples of the genre.

Familiarize Yourself with Assists

Familiarize Yourself with Assists

Source: WaterStarGaming

One of the unique features of Fraymakers is the assist mechanic. Before starting a match, you’ll have the option to choose an assist.

Each assist is represented by a character performing a single attack.

Each attack operates differently and has different utility, so be sure to familiarize yourself with all of them to find the most optimal one for your playstyle.

Learn Combos

Learn Combos

Source: WaterStarGaming

Now that you have a basic idea of attacks and assists, you can throw them all together.

Like Smash Bros, combos are made in a sort of platform-esque way, like shooting someone in the air with a launcher, then jumping and attacking to perform more damage.

With the added assist mechanic, you can extend your combos even more and in more innovative ways.

Learning what moves combo into one another and when to add your assist into a combo is the best way to master combat.

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