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Forspoken – Where to Spend Old Coins

Go to these vendor in Cipal to spend your Old Coins.

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Forspoken Where to Spend Old Coins

In Athia, money does not have any value. However, there is an item called an Old Coin which some vendors will trade for special items.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find vendors you can spend your Old Coins on.

Where to Spend Your Old Coins in Forspoken

Where to Spend Your Old Coins
Source: Gamers Heroes

Old Coins can be obtained by making Detours, also known as side missions. Completing one will give you items including an Old Coin.

You can also obtain Old Coins by solving Chest Puzzles. These chests have a white color with a glowing blue lock in the center.

They are indicated by a purple icon on the Map.

If you have some Old Coins in stock, go to the town square in Cipal to find the Book Shop.

Where to Spend Your Old Coins 1
Source: Gamers Heroes

The Book Shop is located west of the town square in Cipal. This shop offers books that can provide extra upgrades that can enhance your gear.

This will be the first vendor you can spend the Old Coin on. You will encounter two more vendors as you progress into the game.

These are the Curiosity Shop and the Cat Lady.

The former is located in the region of Visoria, selling items that can help you in World Exploration and Crafting.

Meanwhile, the latter is located in Cipal and sells cat-related items for your familiar.

Finding Old Coins should be easy, but it can be time-consuming as you must complete a side quest or solve a puzzle.

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