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Forspoken: Where to Get Troth Necklace Location Guide

Improve your stats right now with this powerful necklace!




Forspoken Where to Get Troth Necklace Location Guide

There are many collectibles and gear hidden around the world of Forspoken. One of them is the Troth necklace.

For that purpose, we have crafted this guide to help you find the Troth Necklace! This is a very useful gear that can be obtained relatively soon within the game, as long as you know where to look that is.

Troth Necklace Location

Troth Necklace Location 2
Source: Gamer Guru

To get the necklace, you should first head southwest of the Avoalet region, to a place located southwest of Cipal. After wandering the area for a while, you’ll eventually find the structure depicted in the picture.

How to Obtain the Necklace

Jump to get up the stairs and go straight ahead to a well of divine energy!

Interacting with it will cause the structure to collapse and you’ll be transported into a room beneath the floor of the building you found early.

Troth Necklace Location 1
Source: Gamer Guru

Quickly head towards the sphere that popped out of the now broken structure. Once you’ve done that, the game will introduce you to a brief cutscene alerting you that the Troth Necklace is now in your possession. 

This Necklace holds some nice boosts, and we hope to find it will help you make Frey stronger.

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