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Forspoken: Where to Find Orison Necklace | Location Guide

Learn where to find this strong early-game necklace in Forspoken.




Forspoken Where to Find Orison Necklace Location Guide

A powerful necklace, the Orison Necklace triggers an auto-healing effect anytime Frey defeats enemies.

Similar to the Pereline cloak, this necklace fits players with an aggressive playstyle. However, it might not be useful against solo enemies such as bosses, as you won’t get to trigger its effects.

But against mobs of enemies, you can constantly stay on the offensive and heal only by killing them.

If you want to claim this necklace for yourself, this guide is for you.

Where to Find Orison Necklace in Forspoken

The Orison Necklace is found in one of the many Locked Labyrinths of Athia. More specifically, one called Locked Labyrinth: East, found in the Barren Plains near Cipal.

Its location is shown in the image below.

Where to Find Orison Necklace in Forspoken

The Locked Labyrinth itself is fairly straightforward. You’ll have a marker guiding your path, so simply head toward it and take out every enemy you find along the way.

Most enemies in this labyrinth are weak to the earth-based Purple Magic, so make sure to use this to your advantage to cleave your path.

Defeating the Labyrinth Boss

Defeating the Labyrinth Boss

Eventually, you’ll come across the Labyrinth’s boss, the Lesser Deinosuchus which is a water creature.

The boss’ arena consists of many small rock islands where Frey can stand and is then surrounded by a large body of water.

The boss is fairly simple, but make absolutely sure to stay out of the water.

Use your magic parkour abilities to jump between the rock islands and sling your spells at the Deinosuchus from a distance.

As long as you don’t get in the water, its attacks are easy enough to avoid. Make sure to aim for its weak spots and use Purple Magic.

Defeating the Labyrinth Boss 1

When the boss goes down, head towards the marker until you reach the Ancient Altar. Interact with it to obtain an archive entry and complete the Labyrinth.

Upon completion, you will receive the Orison Necklace as your reward.

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