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Forspoken: What to Do With Poppets

You can trade your Poppets for items with a certain vendor.

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Forspoken What to Do With Poppets

In Forspoken, there are tons of activities you can do. You can explore the land of Athia, complete the main story quest, find collectibles, or make a Detour.

A Detour, also known as a side quest, will reward you with items after completion.

One of the items you can obtain is a Poppet, and we’ll show you what you can do with it.

Where to Use Your Poppets

Where to Use Your Poppets
Source: Gamers Heroes

Poppets are a collectible that you can get in Forspoken. These are wooden dolls that can be traded for rare items.

You can obtain them by making Detours that are related to chasing cats. There are only nine Poppets in total, all found in the city of Cipal.

Where to Use Your Poppets 1
Source: Gamers Heroes

You can use Poppets by going to the Trader which is on the east side of the town square in Cipal. However, the Trader won’t be available if you haven’t reached Chapter 7.

He will have items that you can use to upgrade your cloak or for crafting items.

What You Should Buy

What You Should Buy
Source: Gamers Heroes

Since Poppets are a limited currency for trading with vendors, you need to decide on which items you should buy.

Prioritize buying the Nugget, Stranith, and Pelerine. The last item, Bumbershoot, can be obtained while exploring Athia.

You can obtain seven Poppets by completing the seven Detours in Cipal upon reaching Chapter 7 when the trader will open up shop.

The last two detours are available after completing the main story quest. However, you can also choose to do all of them after completing the game.

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