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Forspoken: How to Use Zip Parkour Spell Effectively

Mastering the Zip parkour spell will help you master combat and traversal.




Forspoken How to Use Zip Parkour Spell Effectively

In Forspoken, traversal is a big part of the game. Luckily, Frey has numerous spells that can help her easily travel through the world.

One of the most useful spells is the Zip parkour spell. Not only is the spell effective for traversal, but it also helps during combat.

The spell can be used to propel Frey toward the point of your choosing. Also, you can hold the spell button to slow down the action and target areas.

This allows for more precious time so you can aim for what you specifically want to pull yourself toward. The Zip spell can attach to any wall and certain objects found around the world.

If used correctly, Frey can swing forward at incredible speeds or launch high into the air. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to use it effectively.

How to Use Zip Parkour Spell Effectively

Use Zip Parkour Spell Effectively

Source: PlayStation

After you initiate the Zip spell, Frey will shoot out a magical tether. The tether can be pointed at nearly anything within the game.

After aiming and shooting out the tether, Frey is launched toward that point. Using this spell effectively helps you quickly move through the open world like a magically infused Peter Parker.

To use the spell effectively, you must learn the most advantageous places to aim it while also being quick with the trigger.

Once you have mastered the spell, it can be used mid-combat to get you out of the way of incoming attacks.

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