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Forspoken: How to Use Rush Spell Effectively

Use the Rush Spell to move faster when traversing the terrain in Athia!




Forspoken How to Use Rush Spell Effectively

Forspoken’s January release date has finally arrived. After several delays, Luminous Productions’ action RPG is almost here already, and more details are being revealed.

The game follows Frey Holland, an ordinary woman who is plucked from her everyday life and transported to Athia, a mysterious location brimming with magic and discovery.

This brings with it a slew of new magical abilities for Frey to master, allowing her to engage in some highly dynamic and fluid combat situations.

One of the abilities you can utilize in the game is the Rush Parkour Spell. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use the Rush Parkour spell efficiently.

Learning the Rush Parkour Spell

Learning the Rush Parkour Spell

Frey primarily uses magic to fuel parts of her traversal mechanics and damage foes with various magical and elemental assaults.

The Rush Parkour spell is one of the abilities to let Frey navigate Athia’s uneven terrain swiftly and effectively.

To use it efficiently, press O when Frey turns red to move even faster.

Learning the Rush Parkour Spell 1

Take note that Frey will also have to fight with a stamina meter which will steadily deplete when she employs various parkour abilities, including the Rush Parkour Spell.

The skills can be improved by completing Spellcraft tasks, which either lower the amount of stamina consumed by the ability or increase Frey’s stamina meter recovery rate.

That’s all you need to know about the Rush Parkour Spell in Forspoken. We hope this guide helps you when the game is released!

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