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Forspoken: How to Use Genesis Surge Magic

Charge the meter to use Frey’s Genesis Surge Magic.

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Forspoken How to Use Genesis Surge Magic

In Forspoken, you will have to use Frey’s Magical Power to travel the land and fight against enemies.

These Magic Spells can either be defensive, attack, parkour, or Surge Magic. Surge Magic is pretty powerful, and one of them is the Genesis spell.

Let’s find out how you can use it.

Using Genesis Surge Magic

Using Genesis Surge Magic


Frey has four types of magic she can use. These are as follows:

  • Frey’s Magic (Purple) – Earth-based magic
  • Sila’s Magic (Red) – Fire-based magic
  • Prav’s Magic (Blue) – Water-based magic
  • Olas’s Magic (Green) – Light-based magic

In the demo, you can only use two Magic types: Purple and Red. However, you can learn tons of Magic Spells and upgrade them using Mana.

Genesis is a Purple Magic that summons branches on the ground and has a wide area of effect. It is also a Surge Magic which is the equivalent of an Ultimate Skill.

Using Genesis Surge Magic 1


To use Genesis Surge Magic, make sure that you have equipped it. Then, charge your Surge Magic meter by attacking enemies or using support spells.

You can spam attack spells like Shot or Burst Shot, as they do not cost Stamina.

Using Genesis Surge Magic 2


Once the triangle is filled, press L2+R2 to use it. Make sure that you are using Purple Magic as if you switch to another color and press L2+R2, it will do a Surge Magic of that color.

Additionally, use the Genesis Surge Magic on a group of enemies accurately, as it can be tricky to aim it.

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