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Forspoken: How to Upgrade/Change Spells

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Forspoken How to Upgrade Change Spells

In Forspoken, Frey will acquire a lot of spells that can help in battle or when traveling through the overworld.

Like most other roleplaying games, the spells you collect can be upgraded to become more powerful. As you make your way through your journey, upgrading and improving your skills will be necessary as the game does get challenging.

They are also traversal-related, so they can also help you get across the map quicker.

Forspoken How to Upgrade Change Spells 1

However, upgrading and changing your spells isn’t as straightforward as it is in some games. Upgrading your skills is usually tied to specific challenges within the game.

But first, to upgrade a spell in Forspoken, you will have to locate the associated book before you can start the challenge.

If you are looking to improve your spells, here is a quick guide on how to do so!

How to Upgrade Spells

How to Upgrade Spells


As mentioned previously, if you want to upgrade your spell, you have to find the associated book. Once you have found it, read it, and it will transport you to another area where you must complete a certain challenge.

The challenges typically involve you taking out a set amount of enemies or performing certain moves while battling.

Once you have completed the given challenge, you will be transported back to where you interacted with the book, and you will have upgraded a spell.

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