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Forspoken: How to Get the Stranith Cloak

Everything you need to know about obtaining the Stranith cloak.




Forspoken How to Get the Stranith Cloak

Forspoken features quite a lot of cloaks, the Stranith among them. A relatively hard-to-get cloak, the Stranith’s unique passive makes debuffs on Frey last less time.

This quick guide will go over what you need to do to claim the Stranith cloak as your own.

How to Get the Stranith Cloak in Forspoken

Just like other cloaks such as the Pelerine, the Stranith cloak can be bought from the Poppet shop in Cipal.

This becomes available after the tutorial when you are allowed to explore Cipal on your own. You can check your map to find the trading spot when you’re in Cipal, like in the image below.

How to Get the Stranith Cloak in Forspoken

The Stranith cloak is the most expensive cloak in the shop, costing 5 Poppets. However, there are only 9 Poppets in the game that you can obtain by completing the “Chasing Cat” Detours.

More cats become available as you progress through the story. You can also choose to do all of these Detours once you complete the game’s story.

Considering the number of Poppets required, you’ll need to do at least 5 Chasing Cat Detours. If none are available at the time, progress the story until the next chapter.

When you finally manage to acquire enough Poppets, simply go to the trading spot and purchase the cloak.

How to Get the Stranith Cloak in Forspoken 1

This cloak makes debuffs on Frey clear up faster. It can also be upgraded at Refuges with more passive abilities. Its effect is useful but probably not as strong as it should be for such a costly cloak.

However, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if the cloak is useful or not.

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