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Forspoken: How to Get “I Can Fly!” Trophy |Guide

I Can Fly! is one of Forspoken’s 54 trophies and this guide will help you unlock it.




Forspoken How to Get the I Can Fly TrophyGuide

I Can Fly! is a bronze trophy that players can earn in the PlayStation 5 release of the game Forspoken, though it also has an equivalent achievement on the game’s Steam version.

As such, this guide works for both PC and console players, though the controls explained are based on the PS5’s controller.

This trophy tasks players with using a certain spell to stay in the air for ten seconds. The spell is a pretty late-game unlock, however, and won’t actually be good enough as soon as you get it.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get the Float spell and how to use it to unlock the I Can Fly! trophy.

How to Get the “I Can Fly!” Trophy in Forspoken

The I Can Fly! trophy is earned by using Float to stay airborne for ten seconds.

To do this, you’ll first obviously need to unlock Float.

How to Obtain the Float Spell

Obtaining the Float Spell

To obtain Float, you have to unlock Prav’s Magic by completing Chapter 8 of the story. In the skill tree for this magic set, find the Float skill on the bottom right.

Press the Touchpad when highlighting Float to mark the Lilac Fount. Keep in mind that you can’t reach the location until Chapter 11.

After you complete Chapter 11 of the story, fast-travel to Visoria. From the Visorian Plateau, head south to the Inner Visoria.

There’s a long tunnel heading to the southernmost point on the map, which is where the Lilac Fount is located. Jump into the Fount to unlock the Float spell.

How to Upgrade Float for More Airtime

How to Upgrade Float for More Airtime

Now that you have the Float spell, you need to upgrade it.

Head to any Refuge and interact with the bookshelf. Take the Float spell challenge, which you complete by gliding for more than 5 seconds.

Jump off a cliff and hold the X button in midair to Float. Completing the challenge will let you lower the spell’s stamina consumption.

How to Upgrade Float for More Airtime 1

Open the Magic Menu and level up the Float spell. With its stamina consumption reduced to the minimum, you should now be able to stay in the air for 10 or more seconds.

Jump off a high enough cliff and hold the X button to stay afloat for 10 seconds. Doing so will let you earn the trophy.

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