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Forspoken: How to Get “Remembrance” Trophy

Learn how to unlock this late-game bronze trophy in Forspoken.




Forspoken How to Get Remembrance Trophy

The Remembrance trophy is one of the 54 trophies players can obtain in Forspoken. While the trophy itself is pretty easy to get, it has a set of conditions that must be met to unlock it.

Primarily, you can only obtain the trophy after completing the game’s story. On top of that, you must also complete a certain side quest.

We’ll go over every requirement for this trophy in this short guide.

How to Get “Remembrance” Trophy in Forspoken

The Remembrance trophy is obtained by saying a complete set of remembrances to the departed.

These are the Prayers that can be said at the northernmost end of Cipal. It’s marked on the map with a golden “?”, indicating it’s an event. The picture below shows its exact location.

How to Get Remembrance Trophy in Forspoken

When you’re at the right spot, you will get a list of people you can pray for. To complete all Remembrances, you will need to pray for 4 possible people.

Out of these, 3 are unlocked through story progression but the 4th is unlocked through a post-story side quest.

Here are the requirements for each possible Remembrance:

  • Olevia – Available at the start of Chapter 4.
  • Robian – Available after visiting the archives in Cipal during Chapter 10.
  • The Tantas – Available after completing the story.
  • Cinta – Available after the Detour “Lost Lullabies”. To unlock, speak to Johedy in the upper city of Cipal after completing the game’s story. Complete the quest she gives you and return to Cipal. The prayer should now be available.

As you can see, this trophy can only be unlocked in the post-game due to its requirements, but it’s pretty straightforward.

How to Get Remembrance Trophy in Forspoken 1

When you have unlocked all possible prayer options, simply head to the location shown on the map before and exhaust all 4 options. The trophy will pop as soon as the last prayer is said.

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