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Forspoken: How to Get Lambent Cluster | Location Guide

Farm this important crafting resource by taking down enemies.




Forspoken How to Get Lambent Cluster Location Guide

In pursuit of your goals to upgrade your gear and craft some items, you will have to face dangerous monsters and defeat them in order to farm resources.

Resources are one of the most important features of the game if you want to help Frey level up faster.

In Forspoken, there are different resources that gives various effects on the main character. Along with that, they are also collected from different species.

One resource, in particular, is the Lambent Cluster, and we’re going to teach you how to get it.

How to Get Lambent Cluster in Forspoken

How to Get Lambent Cluster in Forspoken

The Lambent Cluster is one of the many crafting materials that you can find in Forspoken. This material can be obtained as drops from enemies such as Limnocyon, Teratornis, and Vorona.

As you explore the vast land of Athia, you will encounter these creatures, and defeating them has a chance of dropping this item.

Another way of obtaining this resource is by crafting it. To be able to get a Lambent Cluster, go to Fountainfields Refuge.

Head inside the safehouse and you will immediately see a notebook on top of a table that you can interact with. Select it and choose Craft.

How to Get Lambent Cluster in Forspoken 1


To be able to successfully craft 2x Lambent Clusters, you will be required to have Leaden Clusters first. Three pieces of Leaden Cluster can make two Lambent Clusters.

Simply hold the X button to convert them into Lambent Cluster.

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