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Forspoken: How to Get Aslani Necklace | Location Guide

This quick guide will show you how to get the Aslani Necklace.




Forspoken How to Get Aslani Necklace Location Guide

Forspoken’s large, detailed open world holds many surprises. Within the open world, you’ll find many enemies, beautiful scenery, and loot that can provide perks or be traded in for in-game currency.

There are numerous necklaces in the game as well which you can find hidden throughout the overworld.

These necklaces can provide additional stat boosts and perks that can help you out in battle or when traveling throughout the open world. However, getting one isn’t always that easy.

One necklace that is harder to obtain is the Aslani necklace. The Aslani necklace will keep enemies down for longer once you have knocked them down.

While finding the necklace is easy, you will first have to go through some enemies before you can get to it. Here is a quick guide on how to get the Aslani necklace in the game.

How to Find and Get the Aslani Necklace

How to Find and Get the Aslani Necklace


To find the Aslani necklace, you’ll have to travel to the chests location where you will find a gang of angry crocodiles.

The chest will be locked until you have taken out all of the crocodiles. Once you have taken them out, go up to the chest and receive your prize!

While the Aslani necklace does keep enemies down longer, it does not provide any other stat boosts. However, it is a pretty cool necklace that can even be upgraded so it provides even more perks.

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