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Forspoken: How to Enter Cliffedge Cavern

Enter this tricky cave found in both the full game of Forspoken and its demo.




Forspoken How to Enter Cliffedge Cavern

The Cliffedge Cavern is a location found within Forspoken, both in the full game and in its demo.

The entrance to this location can be a tad tricky to find, so in this guide, we’ll show you how you can find it quickly.

How to Enter Cliffedge Cavern in Forspoken

The Cliffedge Cavern is found in the Water Garden area. To properly situate ourselves, let’s take a look at the map for its location.

How to Enter Cliffedge Cavern in Forspoken

You’ll have to reach this area from the bottom of the cliff. Along the way, you’ll find many enemies which you can take out for XP and Mana.

Deal with the enemies however you wish and then start using your magic parkour abilities against the cliff’s wall until you reach the topmost spot shown on the map.

The Cliffedge Cavern’s entrance is a bit tricky as its a small hole. Refer to the picture below to locate the entrance.

How to Enter Cliffedge Cavern in Forspoken 1

Simply jump down the hole to enter the cavern. It’s a very small place with a single enemy, an archive entry, and a treasure chest.

Loot everything in the cave and then use your magic parkour abilities to exit through the same hole you entered.

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