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Forspoken: How to Activate Magic Spell Challenges

Take a step forward to learn these magic spells.




Forspoken How to Activate Magic Spell Challenges

As Frey Holland steps on the land of Athia, she would discover her unexplainable magical abilities. But who will help her explore and unleash her true and hidden potential in commanding this magic?

In Forspoken, you play as Alfre “Frey” Holland and explore the unknown land of Athia while battling the corrupt and evil in this vast world.

To be able to survive here, Frey must learn how to use and control her magic.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock and activate the magic spell challenges to expose Frey to her abilities.

How to Activate Magic Spell Challenges in Forspoken

How to Activate Magic Spell Challenges in Forspoken

The magic spells that Frey uses are all thanks to her cuff. Every special ability that she possesses only started to show the moment she was mysteriously transferred to Athia and when the cuff appeared on her arm.

That being said, Frey is just new to magic, and it is your role to help her activate this.

The Safehouse

The Safehouse


To start off, simply go back to your safehouse. Inside, you will find a room that has a mini bookshelf next to your bed.

The Safehouse 1


As you approach this, you will see a highlighted book. Interact with this book to open and check all Frey’s magic spells to learn.

Using the Book

Using the Book


Inside this book, you will see all the magic spells that Frey can learn. To unlock a magic spell challenge, choose whatever magic spell you want and click Accept.

Don’t worry because the challenge objectives are all written in purple under the spell name.

Once you accept a challenge, it will be included in the Active Spellcraft Challenges corner. Remember that you can only equip three active challenges at a time.

If you ever wanted not to continue a challenge, simply go back to this tab and click Abandon.

As simple as that, you can easily activate and change the magic challenges to train Frey.

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