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Best Magic Spell Combo for Altered Quinkana Boss – Forspoken

Take down this powerful crocodile monster by using the proper combination of spells!




Forspoken Best Magic Spell Combo for Altered Quinkana Boss

The Altered Quinkana is an optional boss that players can fight in Forspoken. This boss can be found in both the full game and its demo.

Taking the boss down without the proper spells can be pretty challenging. If you’re struggling, this guide will tell you exactly what spells to use to take this jacked-up beast down!

Best Magic Spell Combo for Altered Quinkana Boss in Forspoken

Best Magic Spell Combo for Altered Quinkana Boss in Forspoken

The main thing to know is that Altered Quinkana is extremely weak to fire magic. You’ll want to improve your Sila’s Magic, or Red Magic, as much as possible before fighting it.

You’ll want to have Rage Slice and Firetrap ready to go for this boss. Firetrap can deal massive damage, so you want to use it as much as possible.

The basic strategy for the fight is relatively simple. You’ll want to focus on using your regular Slice attack and Rage Slice.

You do this to charge up your Firetrap spell. Make sure to dodge the Altered Quinkana’s attacks while you keep slicing away at it.

Maximizing Your Combo

Maximizing Your Combo

When you have Firetrap ready for use, stay close to the boss and set it off. The massive fire blast will do a lot of damage.

Your Slice attacks should be doing substantial damage too, but Firetrap should give you some extra oomph.

On top of the damage dealt by Firetrap, the blast can also stagger the Altered Quinkana, giving you a small window where you can go back to spamming your Slice attacks.

It’s a pretty simple boss; just make sure to dodge its attacks while trying to keep up your barrage of attacks. You’ll be close to the boss most of the fight, so keep that in mind.

Regardless, using these spells and strategies should end the fight pretty quickly.

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