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Forspoken: Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Better

These tips and tricks can give you a head start on your first playthrough.

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Forspoken Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Better

Forspoken is an action RPG set in another world called Athia. In this game, you play as Frey and use her magical abilities to find your way back home.

If you are planning to purchase the game, then this list of tips and tricks will help you in your first playthrough.

Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Source: Fenrir Mike

In the game’s tutorial, you will learn that Frey has Magical Parkour abilities. Once you press and hold the O button, Frey will use the Flow move.

This makes her dash through small obstacles automatically at the cost of stamina.

You can bypass this by using Shimmy. Once Frey lands, press X to do the Shimmy, accelerating her forward. You can use it repeatedly as long as you get the timing right.

Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners 1

Source: Fenrir Mike

You can scan an area by pressing the Upper D-pad. For example, scanning close to an enemy will show their name, description, and weakness.

Using Magic in Combat

Using Magic in Combat

Source: Fenrir Mike

Holding the Square button will cause you to use the Zip move, where Frey uses string-like magic to pull her toward the target. This move also allows you to climb up.

Using Magic in Combat 1

Source: Fenrir Mike

Holding L1+R1 will make Frey switch between different magic sets while time slows down. However, if you press either left or right on the D-Pad, it will switch faster.

You can build up your attack to charge your Surge Magic. You can also spam attacks to do it faster.

Using Magic in Combat 2

Source: Fenrir Mike

Cuff, the sentient bracelet, will automatically block attacks for you. You will perform a counterattack if you press the Triangle button at the right time.

You can also use Frey’s Magical Parkour abilities in combat. For instance, when an enemy uses a special attack, there will be a blue light from the enemy.

If this happens, Hold the O button to use the Flow ability to dodge it. If you don’t use it at the right time, you will take damage.

Upgrading Your Character

Upgrading Your Character

You can upgrade and change the stats of your Cloak and Necklace with the resources found all around Athia.    

Moreover, you can find various Familiars scattered all around Athia, and you can collect them by interacting with Familiar Monuments.

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