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Forspoken: A Roaring Trade Trophy Guide | All Poppet Locations

Get those kitties and bag this trophy.




Forspoken A Roaring Trade Trophy Guide All Poppet Locations

As you play Forspoken, you will be exposed to a lot of quests and tasks. Due to its open-world feature, you will also be able to freely roam around and unlock certain side quests.

However, there are some special tasks that are not essential to the main story plot of the game but will give you an additional reward upon completion.

These are the game’s achievements that will grant you a trophy afterward. One example is the Roaring Trade Trophy.

Here’s how to unlock it.

A Roaring Trade Trophy Guide

A Roaring Trade Trophy Guide

Keep in mind that you can only unlock this achievement during the late game. The main objective of this trophy is completed upon doing the Chasing the Calico Cat side quest in the earlier part of the game.

A Roaring Trade Trophy Guide 1

Source: 100% Guides

What you have to do is collect all the Poppets hidden around Cipal and trade them to the merchant for four items.

Without further ado, here are all of the locations of Poppets in Cipal.

Poppet #1

Poppet 1

Source: 100% Guides

You can find the first cat in this marked location in Cipal. Follow this cat which will lead you to a wall that is being built behind the three men talking with each other.

There, you will see a small bag that contains the poppet.

Poppet #2

Poppet 2

Source: 100% Guides

The second location of the Calico cat is in this exact marked location.

Approach and interact with that cat to start the chase. Eventually, it will lead you behind crates where you can see the second poppet.

Poppet #3

Poppet 3

Source: 100% Guides

This time, the third cat is located in the western part of Cipal. After you chase this gray cat, it will lead you to another place beside another stack of crates.

Poppet #4

Poppet 4

The next location of the cat is in the far southeastern area of Cipal. Chase the cat until you arrive in the area where sheep live. There, you’ll find the fourth poppet.

Poppet #5

Poppet 5

In the southernmost part of Cipal, you will find another cat that will bring you to the next poppet location which is near a broken-down house.

Poppet #6

Poppet 6

The sixth cat can be found on the western side of Cipal. When you chase down this cat, you will find yourself next to a small house building.

Poppet #7

Poppet 7

On the upper part of Cipal, you can find the next cat together with the injured personnel. This cat will take you downstairs close to the basement level where a poppet is located.

Poppet #8

Poppet 8

On this marked spot, you can see the eighth cat that you have to chase down passing the central area. In a small corridor, you will find the poppet.

Poppet #9

Poppet 9

Down to the last cat location, you have to go again to the southern part where there is a grassy area. It will take you upstairs near a shop where a poppet is located.

Merchant’s Spot

Merchants Spot

After all the chasing scenarios, you have to go to the merchant and trade all of the poppets you collected earlier. This will then unlock the trophy.

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