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Foodland: Tech Tree Guide | What to Upgrade First

Become stronger to take on stronger opponents!

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Foodland Tech Tree Guide What to Upgrade First

Approaching Foodland Survival, you must first come up with a plan. After you have your plan, you will have to determine your tech tree upgrade so you can take on more enemies as the levels get harder.

After battles, you will be awarded gold or tokens which you can spend in your shop or headquarters.

Players don’t know which ones are the best to select, so here is a guide to help you determine which one you should get.

What to Upgrade First

To unlock/upgrade both your offense and defense on your Tech Tree, you’ll need the Upgrade and Unlock Tokens that you get from winning battles!

What to Upgrade First

Image source: Pryszard

The more items you unlock and upgrade, the more Tech-level points you acquire. You will need a certain Tech level and Headquarters level to unlock.

  • max landing craft, gun boats, and artillery.
  • on attack use heavy+zooka on close together engine rooms and use gun boat energy to artillery the other 1 or 2 engine rooms.
  • splash defense is best but make sure to have some canons (especially boom canon). On the section where you pick 4x canon or flamethrower or machine guns, go for the flamethrowers.
  • in terms of the base design, spread out engine rooms but highly defend most of them and leave the last since others will also use the artillery trick mentioned earlier.

The Tech Tree will change its layout every season to bring variation to the Seasons and strategic gameplay. You will be awarded coins and experience for every level you accomplish. It’s a survival game so make sure you use your resources properly!

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