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Foodland: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Jumpstart your Foodland journey with this guide

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Foodland Beginners Guide Everything You Need to Know

Foodland is a lot like those classic survival arcade games that were available back in the 80s. However, it has improved graphics, and it’s available on your convenient mobile phones. In Foodland, daily foods have been attacked by bugs in the house.

They can’t stand it anymore, so they decide to rebel against these bugs by transforming into food characters to destroy the enemies with their weapons. It’s a pretty hectic game.

As such, players want to know if we have any jumpstart tips to get them on their path to victory. Luckily, this guide will give you beginner tips so you can get better quickly. Let’s get started.

Foodland Beginner Tips

Before we get on the tip, we need to know how the game works. Control the character with the joystick, and the character’s weapons will automatically attack the nearest enemy. To pass a level, you need to survive for a certain amount of time.

The game is very straightforward. Players basically kill the hordes of enemies that are approaching you and earn a lot of gold to purchase weapons. Each stage lasts less or under a minute.

Foodland Beginner Tips

Image source: Robixxgaming

Every stage you complete you’ll get a chance to upgrade your stats which will help you in the long run. Additionally, Foodland has some additional features that will aid you in your survival:

– Diverse characters with many different power characteristics to choose from

– A lot of choices of weapons that suit your playstyle

– An ocean of items to increase your survivability in the game

– Emotional outburst with the bombardment effect defeating the enemies

– Can equip 6 weapons at max

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