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Floodland: Clans and Encounters Guide

You can team up with other Clans for better chances of survival in Floodland, but this also comes with risks.




Floodland Clans and Encounters Guide

The task of creating a new, better world from the rubble of the old is never easy, especially when dealing with competing ideologies and epidemics.

In Floodland, you take control of a clan of nomads who have arrived at the submerged ruins of a once-great civilization in search of a power plant that will allow them to evolve from a scrappy, nomadic existence into a prosperous society.

To do that, they need your guidance.

Clans and Encounters Guide in Floodland

Clans and Encounters Guide in Floodland
Source: ​​Ravenscourt

In addition to surviving a global catastrophe, the story of Floodland is also about rebuilding society.

The focus is on whether or not people can put aside their differences and personal values and work together to rebuild after a disaster. This is entirely up to you to decide.

As you start the game, you’ll need to choose between four different clans on which one you want to control. Later on, you can team up with these clans or encounter new ones along the way.

Choosing Clans

Choosing Clans

Each clan in Floodland has its own distinct statistical bonuses and worldviews. They also have chiefs with different background stories. Make sure to choose the one you think you can manage best.

For example, the Good Neighbors is a more liberal colony that prioritizes individual growth and freedom over the community.

On the other hand, the Oakhill Survivors are hard-working suburban survivors who hold very “traditional” and lawful values. These characteristics will determine which obstacles you encounter as you travel deeper into Floodland.

Other clans like the Fire Brigade are more open to a united community for the betterment of everyone, while Berkut-3 is more focused on science and improving the world so as not to repeat the same mistakes that caused its downfall.

In this game, it is crucial to make decisions on a regular basis in order to keep your clan’s level of unrest from going higher. If you consistently ignore their preferences, they might become violent or steal.

While playing the game, you’ll find it easy to manage one clan at the start. However, as you progress and more clans appear, expect the game to get more difficult due to conflicting worldviews.

This is where peace lies in your hands as you can choose to have a united community or a chaotic world where violence and theft persist.

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