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Fire Emblem Engage: Which is the Best Emblem | Emblem Tier List

Maximize your army’s strength by recruiting the best characters in the game.




Fire Emblem Engage Which is the Best Emblem Emblem Tier List

Though the Fire Emblem series has been going on for over 30 years, each new entry brings something new to the table. The new Engage system allows you to spawn one of 12 characters from past games.

If you are looking to use the best Emblem for your army, here is a quick tier list breaking down all of the characters.

The Tier List

The Tier List 1

Source: DTM – FEH

Here is a quick breakdown of all of the Emblems and their Engage attacks and abilities:

S Tier

S Tier
  • Celica – When a character takes damage from a corrupted foe, the damage is dealt back. Allows magic attacks to be split in two, with each attack dealing 50% damage.
  • Lyn – Allows you to perform a follow-up attack before a counterattack comes as long as you have a high speed stat. Summons four clones that can perform chain attacks.
  • Lucian – Allows any unit, regardless of class type, to engage in chain attacks. An 80% chance to nullify damage dealt to adjacent allies. 
  • Byleth – Allows attacks that would have missed to hit. Grants stat bonus to allies within a two-square-radius based on class type.

A Tier

A Tier
  • Sigurd – Allows you to move two spaces after performing an action. Increase your movement by five.
  • Micaiah – Allows any unit to wield stays. Increase the casting ranges by five.
  • Corrin – Allows you to alter terrain depending on the unit’s class. Prevents enemies within a one-square radius from moving for a single turn.

B Tier

B Tier
  • Marth – Give additional attack. You deal a seven-hit attack that deals 30% with each hit.
  • Leif – Reduces the damage you take by three when you have weapon triangle advantage. Your weapon is automatically switched to an advantageous weapon.
  • Eirika – Deal more damage against high defense enemies or restores all of the hit points you deal to an enemy. Use a sword and lance simultaneously.

C Tier

C Tier
  • Roy – Use survive combat no matter what with one hit point as long as it is about 30 hit points before entering combat. Temporarily increase your characters by five.
  • Ike – Boost defense and resistance by five points when you have less than 75% hit points. Reduces enemies avoid skill, but reduces the damage dealt by half. 

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