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Fire Emblem Engage: Which Class to Play | Class Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Engage’s new Battle Style system.




Fire Emblem Engage Which Class to Play Class Guide

Fire Emblem Engage features 8 overall class archetypes known as Battle Styles. Every class in the game fits one or two of these overarching styles.

These styles are as follows: armored, backup, calvary, covert, dragon, flying, mystical, and Qi adept.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of these Battle Styles is the key to victory. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Which Class to Play in Fire Emblem Engage

Which Class to Play in Fire Emblem Engage

Every unit in the game has its defined class from the beginning but can be promoted to advanced classes or pick up secondary classes later on.

There are also exclusive classes, such as Dragon Child which is only available to the protagonist Alear.

Additionally, there are two class tiers.

There’s the basic base class tier. Units who get to level 10 in a base class can then promote to an advanced class using Master Seals.

Advanced classes are much stronger, so make sure to promote your units as soon as you can. Advanced classes get better skills, stats, and sometimes even a secondary Battle Style.

As each character has their specified classes from the start, it goes without saying that they all have an assigned role from the start. They can change classes later on using Second Seals, but only to classes with the same weapon proficiency.

For example, Boucheron starts with the Axe Fighter class and only has proficiency with Axes. This means he can’t ever change to a sword-using class.

Now for the Battle Styles and how they function.

Think of Battle Styles as categories that are then divided into more specific class types. It might seem a tad confusing at first, but knowing Battle Styles makes it much easier to understand how each individual class plays.

Now, let’s quickly dive into each of the 8 Battle Styles in the game which are as follows:


Armored 1

These are basically your tanks, with classes such as the Generals or Sword Armors. They can take lots of damage and they’re immune to Break.

Since they can’t be disarmed by Break, they can retaliate against enemy attacks more easily than other classes. Characters such as Louis fit this Battle Style.


This features classes like Sword Fighters and Heroes. This Battle Style’s bonus is fairly simple.

They will join in and provide Chain Attacks when their nearby allies attack enemies, dealing extra damage. Albeit straightforward, they can help you kill enemies much faster.


This Battle Style covers highly mobile mounted units such as Wolf Knights and Cavaliers. These units can move a lot more than unmounted units, allowing them to weave in and out of battle as necessary.

Mobility is extremely important in the series, and this makes Cavalry pretty strong.



In this game, covert units are primarily archers and thieves. These units focus on using the terrain to their advantage.

They double the effectiveness of terrain bonuses, such as forest’s bonus to Avoid. Make sure to place them in tiles with strong terrain bonuses.


Dragon is a special unit type. Its primary unit in this game is the protagonist, Alear. The Divine Child base class allows Alear to use certain unique swords.

This Battle Style also gains extra effects when Engaged with Emblems.



Also known as fliers, they are similar to the Calvary when it comes to mobility. This Battle Style has the Wyvern Knight and the Griffon Knight classes.

Their mobility differs from the cavalry classes, however. The main difference is that fliers are unaffected by terrain effects. They’re unhindered by negative terrain effects but also don’t receive terrain bonuses.


This Battle Style consists of magic users such as the High Priestess and Mage classes. Their bonus makes their magic attacks ignore the enemy’s terrain bonuses.

This makes them function as a hard counter to the Covert classes as they negate their bonuses entirely.

Keep this in mind to protect your Covert units from them, or to use your Mystical units against enemy Covert units.

Qi Adept

Qi Adept

Last but not least is the Qi Adept Battle Style which features classes like the Martial Monk. They are a defensive variation of the Backup units.

Their unique Chain Guard bonus allows them to protect any nearby allies when they are attacked, but this only triggers if the Qi Adept unit has full HP.

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