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Fire Emblem Engage: Where to Get More Gifts

Get more gifts to increase the bond with your allies.

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Fire Emblem Engage Where to Get More Gifts

Fire Emblem Engage was recently released and similar to the other Fire Emblem games, the gifting system is also present. The gifting system allows you to give gifts to your allies.

Initially, there are only three-four types of gifts that you can obtain. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get more gifts for your allies.

Obtaining More Gifts

Obtaining More Gifts

Source: Gamers Heroes

Giving gifts to your allies will increase your bond with them. Offering a gift will get you a response, and it can either be a delighted response, a happy response, a refusal response, or an upset response.

At first, the only way to obtain gifts is by exploring Somniel. You will sometimes encounter an object on the ground that can be examined.

Obtaining More Gifts 1

Source: Gamers Heroes

Once you interact with it, you can receive a random gift. It can be a Pretty Pebble, Spirit Gem, or Horse Manure. This means you only have a limited source of gifts for your allies.

The only gift that allows you to receive an upset response is the Horse Manure, so do not give it to your allies unless you hate them. Apart from that, almost all characters like a Spirit Gem.

Once it reaches a certain point, that ally will have a yellow speech bubble. This means that you have unlocked the support conversation, allowing you to level up their support level.

Obtaining More Gifts 2

Source: Gamers Heroes

But if you complete Chapter 13, you will unlock the Flea Market. The Flea Market sells a variety of gifts, and it changes every now and then. Check the Flea Market as much as possible if they have new stocks.

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