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Fire Emblem Engage: What are Amiibo and How to Use Them

Fire Emblem Engage introduces some new battle mechanics to shake up the old formula.




Fire Emblem Engage What are Amiibo and How to Use Them

Like just about every game release over the last five or ten years, Fire Emblem Engage also has Amiibo support. It provides different advantages within the game that can help give the competitive edge.

This article will cover what Amiibo are and how to use them in Fire Emblem Engage.

What are Amiibo

What are Amiibo

Amiibos are collectible figures that can be scanned into games to provide additional content. They can be thought of as Nintendo’s answer to downloadable content.

Since their release in 2014, there have been nearly 200 of them released, spanning numerous franchises, even those not owned by Nintendo. 

How to Use Them in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Use Them in Fire Emblem Engage

In order to use Amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll have to have already unlocked Somniel, a sort of hub for your characters to walk around in.

Once you have unlocked it, head over to the Amiibo Gazebo. From here, you can scan in an Amiibo you have using a Joy-Con or a Pro Controller.

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