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Fire Emblem Engage: Ultimate Gold Farming Guide

Skip collecting gold through natural progression with this gold farming guide!




Fire Emblem Engage Ultimate Gold Farming Guide

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are numerous ways to upgrade and improve your units. There are weapon and armor upgrades, as well as skill and ability upgrades.

While a lot of the upgrades will come with experience as you play the game, there are just as many that require gold.

This is why farming gold becomes necessary. Luckily, there are a lot of great places to farm gold in the game, but what we’re about to disclose will help you farm gold more efficiently.

How to Farm Gold

Gold is awarded when winning battles and doing side quests.

However, due to the large number of upgrades you can purchase, naturally collecting gold isn’t always enough.

How to Farm Gold 2

Source: Game Banana

One of the best ways to farm for gold is to use Anna who you can recruit during the Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant mission.

The reason she is so effective when farming is because of her skill called Make a Killing. This skill is based on luck and will make defeated enemies drop 500 Gold each time she kills them.

How to Farm Gold

Source: The Game Looters

You can make this tactic even more efficient by using the DLC item, Tiki Bracelet. Equip Anna with the Tiki Bracelet and train her so she can become a High Priest.

You should also max the Luck stat to ensure you get Gold from each killed enemy.

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