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Fire Emblem Engage: Ultimate Farm and Animal Guide

Put all the battles aside. It’s time to reconnect with life.




Fire Emblem Engage Ultimate Farm and Animal Guide

If you think about it, Fire Emblem Engage is not solely focused on fighting and recruiting new characters for your team. They also allow you to take a breather and chill a little by having a farmyard.

Just like a normal farmyard, you will be able to have your own animals. Taking care of them is essential as well.

Aside from that, there are still a lot of things that you have to understand when it comes to Fire Emblem Engage farmyard.

Farm and Animal Guide for Fire Emblem Engage

Farm and Animal Guide for Fire Emblem Engage

As you live in Somniel, you will experience a lot of battles that will, indeed, exercise your strategy and tactics.

But to take a little break, you can take a walk around the village or just head straight to your farmyard.

Adopting Animals

Adopting Animals
Source: PlayerWes

After completing the game’s fourth chapter, you will finally get to adopt your first two animals. Just simply walk around and explore new locations.

Once you see an animal that you think needs extra care, you can interact with it and adopt it.

Right after you decide to adopt, go back to Somniel and stop in front of the Stable.

animals on the other
Source: PlayerWes

Just transfer the animals on the other side to make it an official pet of yours. Upon closing the tab, you will be able to see your animals around the farm.

Perks of Having Pets

Perks of Having Pets

Having a pet is not just about the cuteness or for your farm not to look empty. Your choice of animals also matters as they can give you some drops. Each animal can give a different item drop from another. These can be used for crafting.

To tell you, some of the animals also produce rare fruits, vegetables, and even fish. That being said, it is better if you run around and adopt more animals for your farm.

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