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Fire Emblem Engage: Top 5 Beginner’s Tips to Get You Started

Let’s look at five beginner tips if you’re new to Fire Emblem Engage.




Fire Emblem Engage Top 5 Beginners Tips to Get You Started

Fire Emblem Engage is a brand-new game from the long-running Nintendo series. This tactical roleplaying game is rather deep, especially if you are new to the genre.

Whether you are a veteran of the series or just want to grasp the new mechanics, here are five great tips to get you started.

The Engage Mechanic

Source: IGN

Within the game, you can take advantage of the Engage mechanic which have you spawn in characters from previous Fire Emblem games like Marth or Roy.

To do so, you must collect one of 12 rings in the game, which corresponds to a character and a weapon proficiency. Learning what characters do and how to use them will be integral to winning the game.

Combat Mechanics

Combat Mechanics

Source: IGN

Engage has the familiar grid-based tactical roleplaying gameplay the series is known for. However, this entry ditches the weapon durability system seen in previous games and instead goes back to the old battle triangle system that works like a sort of rock, paper, scissor system.

New Addition to the Weapon Triangle

New Addition to the Weapon Triangle

Source: The Sacred Spear

In Fire Emblem Engage, the previously mentioned weapon triangle system has a new addition: body arts. The body arts weapon type has an advantage over daggers, bows and tomes.



Smash is a mechanic that allows characters with heavy weapons to knock an enemy back a space.

The attack does even more damage  if there is an enemy or a wall in the space they are knocked into.

Reclassing & Weapon Proficiency

Reclassing Weapon Proficiency

Within the game, there are two level classes, Base and Advanced, both with a level cap of 20. To advance from Base to Advanced, you must get to the level cap.

However, you can upgrade a Base character into Advanced from level 10 with a Master Seal. There is also a weapon proficiency mechanic, which is tied to the level classes.

As mentioned previously, weapon proficiency is tied to the associated ring.

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