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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Romance Characters | S Support Guide

Reach the S Romance and Support rank with characters quickly.




Fire Emblem Engage How to Romance Characters S Support Guide 1

Fire Emblem Engage takes the over 30-year-old formula created by the previous games and introduces many new and innovative mechanics.

The newest entry within Nintendo’s long-running series is easier to pick up and play than ever. This will more than likely come as a breath of fresh air to some.

One of the mechanics you want to get familiar with is the Romance and Support system. With these two systems, you can strengthen your bond between characters to ensure they provide the best possible support on the battlefield.

However, not all can reach either Support or Romance as some characters are strictly platonic.

If you are looking to reach the S ranking of the Support and Romance system with each character, here is a quick guide!

How to Unlock S Support and Romance with All Characters

How to Unlock S Support and Romance with All Characters 1

Source: MELOO

To get characters to the S ranking in the Support or Romance, you must follow these steps:

  • Get them to Support Level A.
  • Unlock the pact ring which you can unlock after reaching Chapter 23.
  • Talk to a character that is at Support Level A.
  • Give them the pact ring.

From here, you will have Leveled the character up to Level S Support or Romance. You can only give a ring to one character, so make it count!

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