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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Revisit and Go Back Into Towns

Let’s find out how you can go back into towns to get some items.

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Fire Emblem Engage How to Revisit and Go Back Into Towns

In Fire Emblem Engage, the overworld map has returned. This allows you to explore, do side missions, and many more from one map to another.

As you explore the game, you might want to revisit the towns, and we will show you how to do it.

Revisiting the Towns

Revisiting the Towns

Source: Gamers Heroes

In the continent of Elyos, there are tons of villages, towns, and cities that you are going to visit. However, to explore these towns, you must be on a mission.

After the battle, you can visit the town to obtain materials and ingredients or adopt animals.

Revisiting the Towns 1

Source: Gamers Heroes

You can see in the overview what materials and ingredients you can get or the animals you can adopt. However, you can only get some of the materials, ingredients, and animals in one go, as there is a little bit of RNG.

For example, in Florra Mill Town, the animals listed are the Elyosian Sheep, Calisson Chicken, Elyosian Dog, and Mere Donkey. But only two of these animals can appear at once.

This means you have to revisit that town again to adopt all the animals or obtain all the items.

Revisiting the Towns 2

Source: Gamers Heroes

The only way to revisit a town is by waiting until there is a Skirmish. It might take a while, but there will always be a skirmish every now and then.

It can easily be seen if there is an enemy pop-up when you hover over the town. You will also know if a Skirmish is on top of the town, village, or city if there is an exclamation point.

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