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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Level Up Quickly

Equip this Emblem Ring to level up quickly.

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Fire Emblem Engage How to Level Up Quickly

Each character in Fire Emblem Engage has classes. It can either be a Knight, Mage, or Archer. There are also exclusive classes like the Dragon Child and Divine Dragon for the main character.

If you want to change or promote your unit’s class, sometimes you must reach a certain level. Grinding levels can be time-consuming, but we will show you a method on how to do it quickly.

EXP Farming Guide

EXP Farming Guide 2

Source: SwitchBrokey

The best way to level up in Fire Emblem Engage is by equipping Micaiah’s Emblem Ring. She can be acquired after the events in Chapter 6.

Equip Micaiah’s Emblem Ring to the unit you wish to level up. Use the skills Mend and Heal. Mend is for the allies with 50% less HP, while Heal is for 50% more HP.

EXP Farming Guide 1

Source: SwitchBrokey

Position your injured allies in a cross to heal them in one go. This will give you tons of experience to level up by 1 or even more.

You can also use Micaiah’s Engage Attack, Great Sacrifice to heal all units on the battlefield. If you combine this with Celica’s Favorite Food, you can use Great Sacrifice twice.

If a unit dies, you can use the Time Crystal. You can only do this method during skirmishes.

To make this even faster, you can obtain Marth’s Engage Weapon, Mercurius. It can be acquired once you reach Bond Level 10 with him and doubles the wielder’s EXP gain.

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