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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Increase Bond Level Limit Over 10

Do a Paralogue mission to increase the Bond Level Limit.

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Fire Emblem Engage How to Increase Bond Level Limit Over 10

Fire Emblem Engage just got released, and alongside it are new items called the Emblem Rings. These rings are used by the main character to summon and borrow the power of a Hero.

In this case, the heroes summoned are characters from older Fire Emblem games. Equipping an Emblem Ring will give you a stat boost and additional abilities.

However, you can only have a maximum level 10 Bond with the rings. Luckily, you can go past that limit, and we’ll show you how in this guide.

How to Increase Bond Level Limit Over 10

How to Increase Bond Level Limit Over 10

Source: Gamers Heroes

Increasing the Bond Level with an Emblem Ring will give you more stat boost and more abilities from that character. This means that leveling the Bond Level gives you more benefits.

One of the benefits you receive, especially when you reach Bond Level 11, is having the Engage last an extra turn.

At first, you could only reach a maximum of Bond Level 10. But, in the overworld, you can encounter a Paralogue mission; doing these will remove the limit.

How to Increase Bond Level Limit Over 10 1

Source: Gamers Heroes

These side missions are marked by a purple gem-shaped icon. Below are the missions for each of the Emblem Rings.

  • Lucina – Complete Paralogue The Exalt (Located in Arena of the Gods)
  • Lyn – Complete Paralogue The Lady of the Plains (Located in Plains of Swift Winds)
  • Ike – Complete Paralogue The Radiant Hero (Located in Fort of Hope)
  • Byleth – Complete Paralogue The Instructor (Located in Sacred Tomb)
  • Corrin – Complete Paralogue Crux of Fate (Located in Crossroads of Fate)
  • Eirika – Complete Paralogue The Azure Twin (Located in Dark Ruins)
  • Sigurd – Complete Paralogue The Holy Knight (Located in River of Light and Dark)
  • Leif – Complete Paralogue The Sage Lord (Located in Bridges In a Row)
  • Micaiah – Complete Paralogue The Dawn Maiden (Located in Frozen Fortress)
  • Roy – Complete Paralogue The Young Lion (Located in The Binding Ground)
  • Celica – Complete Paralogue The Caring Princess (Located in Forgotten Shrine)
  • Marth – Complete Paralogue The Hero-King (Located in The Broken Castle)

Whenever these Paralogue missions pop up, make sure that you complete them right away.

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