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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Change Classes and When to Promote

You need these prerequisites before you can change classes.

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Fire Emblem Engage How to Change Classes and When to Promote

There are different classes in Fire Emblem Engage, and each of them has different stats. For example, a Mage will have more magic damage than a Knight.

However, a unit can also change and even promote its class. But sometimes, there are conditions to do it. We’ll show you what those are and how you can change classes.

How to Change Class

How to Change Class

Source: Unpunk 4K

The first thing you need to do is reach Chapter 8 of the main story. This will unlock the class change.

The following prerequisites are level, weapon proficiency, and proper seals. If you want to change a Base class into an Advanced class you need to reach level 10 and use a Master seal.

To change from a Base class into another Bass class or an Advanced class to either another Advanced class or Base class you just need a Second Seal.

How to Change Class 1

Source: Unpunk 4K

Another prerequisite is weapon proficiency. Each unit has its own default weapon proficiencies.

Some classes need only one, while others require multiple weapons. For example, if you want to change your class into a Mage Knight, that unit should have tome proficiency and either a sword, lance, or axe proficiency.

The only way to obtain weapon proficiency is by giving a unit an Emblem ring and leveling up their Bond.

How to Change Class 2

Source: Unpunk 4K

The last is the proper seals which you can buy in the item shop in Somniel.

When to Promote

When to Promote

Source: Unpunk 4K

The best time to promote a character to an Advanced class or switch to a different Base class is when they reach level 20 with their current class.

This will make them obtain the maximum stat upgrades for the current class and the benefits for reaching level 20.

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